Albertiho disk

5. února 2007 v 14:28 |  Angličtina
Alberti's Cipher disk
Leon Battista Alberti was versatile educated man. He was called ,,father of west cryptology. When he was old he started be interest in concealing of messages. He wrote 25 sides work. There are three important things: 1) making out by frequency and language knowledge 2) polyalfabetic substitution 3) using encryption codes.
If you use polyalfabetic substitution, you change more cipher alphabets. Alphabets you choose by a code. By polyalfabetic alphabeth it is smaller chance making out it by frequency analysis
For quick cryptography made Alberti cipher disk, which is made from two rotating disc, presenting open and cipher symbols. This discovery was in history of cryptography principal. For example coding people started to use 400 years after.

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