Music Transcends Boundaies

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Music Transcends Boundaies
Music has always had the ability(schopnost) to cross national borders(hranice). Since World War II, jazz and rock have become international favorites. People in all parts of the globe(země) now listen to the works of such influential(vlivný) jazz musicians as Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, Thelonius Monk,Miles Davis and Winton Marsalis. Rock superstars such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones in 1960s, the Bee Gees and Elton John in 1970s and Michael Jackson and |Bruse Springsteen in the 1980s have won wortdwide(světový) followings(stoupenci).
In addition(dodatek), regional music traditions have begun to spread(šířit) beyond(přes) their original locales. Popular Caribbean- music - Jamaican regae, for example - has gained(nabýt) a large following in North America and Europe.
Some Western musicians have trvele to countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America to explore(zkoumat) the diversity of music. American songwriter Paul Simon used both African and South American musicians on two of his best-selling album, Graceland and the Rhythm of the saints. Roct star Vam Morrison resorded an album with the Chieftaind, a traditional Irish folk band. African singe Salif Keita joined(spojit) with United States jazz and Latin Fusion artists Wayne Shorter and Carlos Santana.
Many popular artists use their lyrics to spread a message of awereness(vědomí) to the world. Early rap, for example, was a form of social protest. Artists such as Ireland's U2, Australia's Midnigcht Oil, and the U. S.'s Tracy Chapman drew attention to enviroment and social problems.
''Music has the magic that can set you free,'' states Rolling Stone magazine. Music has, in fact diffuced culture across boundaries - even intergalatic ones. In October 1992, astronauts abroad the spase shuttle Columbia shared their misical favorites with millions of viewers of MTV, a music cable network.
Responding to the Arts
  1. In what ways have artists used music to bring to the word closer|?
  2. Imagine that you are a recording artist. Write lyrists about a social or enviromental problem that needs to be addressed.

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